Leasing Meeting

Leasing Trends: What You Need to Know

As the rental market continues to evolve, it’s crucial to stay up to date on the latest leasing trends. From technology advancements to shifting renter preferences, there are a variety of factors influencing the way properties are leased. Here are some key leasing trends to keep in mind: As you navigate the ever-changing rental market,…

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Apartment Building

Centralized Leasing: The Future of Property Management

Centralized leasing – what is it? Centralized leasing has become a highly cost-effective solution for sizeable multifamily leasing. Centralized leasing is the evolution of the traditional leasing model. Instead of having a leasing manager assigned to a select asset or portfolio of assets, our managers work as a centralized team. With the onset of the…

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Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Syndications | Real Estate Investing You Need to Know

Multifamily syndications have grown in popularity as an investment choice in recent years. Interest has recently accelerated because investors are looking to move money from the stock market into more stable and diversified assets. Real estate investing is a popular choice with current appreciation rates reaching double digits year over year. Further, rent rates have…

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Top 6 Multifamily Development and Construction Trends

Continuing with our multifamily series, we wanted to share some development and construction trends. While many costs associated with real estate and housing are rising, all parties involved are looking for solutions.Developers and construction companies are fighting the land, material, and labor costs while tenants struggle with rising rents. Caught in the middle are property…

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