The Wellsway

Multifamily Housing

What is the WellsWay Difference?

The WellsWay™ Management Difference redefines the path to multifamily management success. We pride ourselves on being the WAY to manage properties in a method that aligns perfectly with your business operations, maximizing your property's income potential.

Our industry-related success and proven expertise in asset operations make us the WAY to thrive in the multifamily market. We believe in the power of relationships, and as your trusted partner, we provide invaluable connections that you can rely on as you scale and strengthen your property assets.

With our guidance, you'll discover the WAY to build modern communities that enhance apartment family and individual lifestyles.

For each property, we focus on the Well's WAY initiatives:

We learn the WAY to recognize an owner's goals. We understand that
not all plans are the same. Some owners keep properties long-term
while others have a shorter time before the sale of an asset. We listen
carefully to our clients to assure we clearly understand their objectives.

We learn the WAY to think like our owners. After discovering an owner’s
goals, every decision, plan and action center around them. We instill this
process deep in our brand and train our employees accordingly.

We firmly believe our process is the WAY to success, consistency,
improvement in property operations and ROI.

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The 4 WAYS We Make a Difference

1. Full Service and Done Right

At Wellsway Management, we work together to make sure projects are done right in a timely manner and stay within established budgets. As a property management company for the Indianapolis area and Midwest, we provide all the property management services your property needs. We personally oversee each property and are dedicated to achieving top-notch operational performance. With Wellsway, you can trust that your project is in capable hands and will be handled carefully.

2. Strategically Located, Well-networked

Wellsway Management is strategically located in the Indy metropolitan area at the crossroads to the Midwest. Our location provides a centralized base of operations in the Midwest and gives us access to some of the best and most skilled professionals to serve your properties when needed. We take the guesswork out of finding the right skilled pro for your property needs. And our network of trained pros helps us respond when you need it the most.

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3. We hire and train our staff to be ambassadors of the Wells WAY.

At Wellsway Management, we try to be straightforward, transparent, and authentic in how we do business. It's built into our mission and is a part of our Midwest, no-nonsense way of doing things. We understand that time is money and getting things done right quickly requires some good old-fashioned hard work. To do this, we position key team members in place to help you through the process and make your property management smooth and hassle-free.

  • At its heart, Wellsway employs loyal, successful, and experienced management professionals.
  • The hiring, training, and encouragement of exceptional employees lead to positive and impactful results for our properties.
  • Our District, Regional, and General Managers currently average over 20 years of industry experience.
  • Our Community Managers and Maintenance Supervisors have, on average, over ten years of Wellsway employment experience.
  • We believe the WAY to customer-centric services and products is to provide frequent and continuous training for our employees to improve their skill levels and impart the latest industry knowledge.
  • We actively participate as trainers and attendees in community Apartment Association educational programs.

4. Community Focused

Wellsway Management helps build strong communities and provides individuals and families with attractive, clean living environments to enhance their way of life. We participate in local, educational, non-profit and commerce groups to add our experience to growing local community organizations. And we actively participate as trainers and attendees in community Apartment Association educational programs.